Special Deals


Overstock Bags

Sometimes we make too many. Now, we're turning it into a chance for you to save money! We're offering discounts of up to 50% on our entire selection of overstock bags. Click here for a partial list, but don't stop there. If you need a small quantity of a custom bag that you don't see on the spreadsheet, Contact us to find out if we have what you need. These bags are ready for shipment within hours of your order!



Discount Maintenance Contracts

If you have purchased on of our machines, you already know that Advanced Poly-Packaging stresses Quality - from the moment your order is taken until, well...forever! Now, we're making it even better with a 25% discount on all Maintenance Contracts - new ones or renewals!

Looking for more reasons to consider Advanced Poly-Packaging as your source for custom bagging solutions?

Our machines come with a 2-year warranty, double what you'll find from most manufacturers. Our machine parts are not proprietary - you can buy them off the shelf, saving you money! Gary Baker can provide more details upon request.