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Refurbished Counters & Scales

Accu-Count® 107
Refurbished APS counter, 7" vibratory bowl counter for counting parts through a photo-optic frame.
Accu-Count® 118
Refurbished APS counter, 18" vibratory bowl counter for counting parts through a photo-optic frame.
Accu-Count® 124
Refurbished APS counter, 24" vibratory bowl counter for counting parts through a photo-optic frame.

Accu-Scale® 100
"Flip" action weigh scale allows for counting of product entering a bag or other container. The Accu-Scale 100 perfectly integrated to an H-100 bagger.
Accu-Scale® 200
Flip scale that manually feeds product into load cell. Hit foot switch to release product once proper weight is determined, then the product is released into the bag.
Horseshoe - Table Systems
Multiple bowls feeding directly into bagger. Up to 4 bowls can be added to this table. This table system eliminates the process of bowl feeders dropping on to a conveyor system.
APPI has a full range of service to integrate numerous options. You can choose between the different sizes and elevations that APPI has available.
  Accu-Scale® 500
Feeds off of bowl feeder into load cell once target weight is met. The product is released automatically into the bagger.
DAC® 1000
Extra Bowl for DAC-1000: High Negative or Flat Track.
Supply Hoppers
Bulk vibratory supply hopper automatically feeds vibratory bowls to maintain a consistent level of parts in the bowl. Height is adjustable and swivels to allow for fast clean out of parts.

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Not only does Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. warranty refurbished equipment for the same period as new equipment, we also guarantee the equipment to be in "like new" condition; which means your equipment looks like new, functions like new, and last like new.

To our expert machine strippers, builders, and electronic technicians, refurbishing a machine includes fully disassembling the machine to its frame, removing all paint by stripping, scraping and sandblasting, repainting, black oxidizing and refinishing. We replace even slightly worn parts, replacing all air lines. We rebuild or replace valves and cylinders, assemble, adjust, lubricate, and test electric/electronic systems, mechanical systems and pneumatic systems. We do not ship your system until it meets our strictest final inspection and test-cycles for at least 48 hours.

Parts and Service
Unlike typical machinery dealers, Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. provides complete customer support with service, parts, and repair both before and after the sale. You can order all replacement parts using the original part number. In addition, we offer and maintain extended service contracts with emergency repair service, loaner modules, and repairs to original specifications.

Considerable Savings
Because we purchase parts direct from the manufacturers, we are able to pass our savings on to you. However, in most cases, electronic boards can be repaired, instead of replaced, saving hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of new electronic motherboards or auxiliary boards. We have standard "bench" rates for board repairs guaranteeing labor with not exceed quoted costs.

Let Us Refurbish Your Existing Equipment

Instead of replacing your old or worn-out equipment, Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. has a "refurbish your old machine" program which makes this alternative the best choice:
Better lead times - guaranteed turnaround within two-three weeks
Firm quotes - guaranteed labor costs
Updates - older models upgraded to features of the most recent model, electronics upgraded to last longer.
Warranty - same warranty period as new equipment
Savings - save thousands off new equipment
Loyalty - you get to keep that old reliable machine!
No Risk!


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